Cotton Quilt

What are cotton quilts?

Cotton quilt have a fabric woven from 100% cotton fibres. This is a simple design and typically has a medium weight, maintaining its shape over many washes and offering cosy warmth to its user. They are exceptionally durable, and for those who live in Australia where humidity and heat are frequent, you may find cotton quilts Australia a definitive choice.

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Cotton quilt & doona.

Warm yet cool and comfortable, our Cotton Quilts & Doonas are an easy choice for quality sleep.

Is a cotton quilt good for summer?

There are many quilts that are suitable for summer, but cotton filled quilt are particularly ideal due to their excellent breathability. This means that while you sweat during sleep in summer weather, the material will help you breathe, stay cool, and feel more comfortable. It's often hard to sleep when you can't get cool or feel too stuffy, which is what a cotton summer quilt helps with.

Should I choose a cotton quilt over other quilts?

When deciding on a type of doona, it's important to take many things into consideration, such as the temperature of your bedroom, the climate, and your individual preferences. A quilt cotton is lighter than a wool variant, for example, so those who want to feel cooler and less weighed down can opt for cotton instead. Ultimately, if you are a hot sleeper and live in a hot climate, cotton is the way to go - but remember, if you live in a location where the seasons change, you may need to swap your quilts around throughout the year.

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