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Quilts and Doonas

At Manchester Warehouse we offer a large range of warm quilts that will ensure you and your family are rewarded with a comfortable night’s sleep. Apart from the mattress, a snuggly doona is the core of any great bed - brightly coloured quilt covers or a smooth set of Egyptian cotton sheets can’t compensate for that. There’s nothing worse than waking up cold in the middle of the night, and our doonas are here to fix that. Whether it’s floral, boho, geometric or any other style, we’ve got the quilt (and the quilt cover) to suit you.

We showcase a diverse selection of duvets to suit different personal and seasonal needs. A cotton quilt or bamboo quilt is suitable for summer, whilst wool, down and synthetic quilts are more suited to winter. An all-seasons style consists of a dual quilt allowing you to use both layers for the colder months and then remove the heavier quilt during spring and summer. If you have a king size bed or are looking to upgrade the feel of your bedroom, using a larger super king quilt or doona will give you the ultimate designer experience. If you suffer from allergies, a synthetic doona like a microfibre quilt will promote restful sleep.

Unsure about sizing? Check out our standard Australian quilt, bed sheet, and quilt cover sizing chart. Choose from top brands like ArmidayleWoolstar and Hilton to find your perfect match and take advantage of our $9.95 flat rate shipping Australia wide.

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Light Wool 150GSM Quilt Range


$139.99 $179.99

All Seasons Wool 350GSM Quilt Range


$149.99 $189.99

Warm Wool 500GSM Quilt Range


$179.99 $229.99

Duck Down Warm 80% Quilt Range


$199.99 $249.99

Wool 350GSM All Seasons Quilt Range


$199.99 $219.99

Warm Wool 550GSM Quilt Range


$234.99 $259.99

Alpaca Wool Blend Quilt Range


$219.99 $269.99

Bamboo Eco 350GSM All Seasons Quilt Range

Hilton Deluxe

$149.99 $169.99

Cool Cotton 350GSM Quilt Range

Hilton Deluxe

$89.99 $149.99

Ultra Loft Microfibre 400GSM Quilt Range

Hilton Deluxe

$89.99 $149.99

Penthouse Living 500GSM Quilt Range

Hilton Hotel Collection

$139.99 $159.99

Luxe 500GSM Wool Quilt Range

Woolstar Eco

$199.99 $239.99

Luxe Four Seasons 550GSM Wool Quilt Range

Woolstar Eco

$349.99 $399.99

Chateau Micro Down 250GSM Quilt Range

Bambury Commercial

$86.99 $95.99

Villa Polyester 305GSM Quilt Range

Bambury Commercial

$49.99 $54.99

Doona Clips 4 Pack


$26.99 $29.99


Want all of your quilt and doona questions answered? 

Selecting the Right Quilt or Doona for You

Doona, duvet or quilt? Whatever you call it, it goes without saying that the key to a good nights’ sleep is having the right one. In finding the perfect quilt for you, there are a few important factors to consider. What size do you need? Are you a cold or hot sleeper? What is the quilt made of? Initially, the process of searching for the ideal quilt can be overwhelming, but never fear, we are here to help! Read on and you will find the confidence to ensure that your next purchase is your perfect match.

What Size Quilt Do I Need? 

Believe it or not, the size of your quilt is critical to your comfort and ensuring that you wake up feeling well- rested. To maximise the coverage, visual appeal and luxurious feel of your bed, we recommend that you upsize your quilt. A Single bed therefore requires a Double quilt, a Double bed requires a Queen quilt, and so on. See our size ranges here for a further explanation here.

What is an All-Seasons Quilt?

If you need more, and you won’t entertain the idea of switching doonas between seasons, it is worth considering an all-seasons quilt. These quilts feature two pieces that are joined together either by zip or snap clips, in summer you can separate them and put the other section away until you need it again. It comes in very handy when you have guests too! This multipurpose product can even provide a solution for those couples who have different warmth requirements. Imagine that, no more doona disputes! Show all-season products here and we need an image/diagram of a couple showing the quilt and what it can do with the dual warmth.

Brands of quilts

There are many brands to choose from when looking for quilts, including: