Cotton Tea Towels

Are cotton tea towels good?

Soft, absorbent, and available and various designs, cotton tea towels are the most popular choice of tea towels for the kitchen. Their incredible ability to absorb a high moisture content makes them particularly convenient, especially in the kitchen, where people are often drying their hands or dishes. They are also extremely robust with their premium cotton composition, giving them a tough and resistant nature for ongoing use.

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Cotton tea towels.

Style the kitchen with these essential Cotton Tea Towels Australia to make every kitchen feel more convenient and beautiful.

Is cotton or linen better for tea towels?

Linen tea towels are beautiful, strong, and absorbent, but cotton tea towels remain a favourite choice due to their durable, soft, and pleasant design. Both are equally tough and beautiful, though cotton tea towels are praised for their affordability and hygienic design. Cotton naturally wards off alkali and electricity while remaining warm, but you must choose high-quality, premium cotton tea towels to achieve the best longevity and performance. Take a look at our entire tea towels or cotton range for more fabric options.

How do you wash cotton tea towels?

Remember to wash your cotton tea towels quite regularly, especially if they are used often in the kitchen. This will help prevent the build-up of bacteria, which can cause harm or transmit bacteria to your food in the kitchen. To safely wash them, be sure to check the brand guidelines. We suggest a cold machine wash with similar colours on a normal spin and with a low tumble dry or line dry. Do not bleach, tumble dry, or dry clean to maintain their durability.