Tea Towels

What are tea towels used for?

Tea towels will give you the extra help you need in a fast-paced kitchen. Park one right on your shoulder or tie it as an apron to be ready for all your cooking and cleaning. While you can use tea towels to easily wipe away spills and quickly dry dishes and utensils, you can also make it your handy potholder, hot pad, or breadbasket warmer to keep your baked goods warm. When you’re not busy in the kitchen, tea towels add a beautiful touch of decoration to your dinner tables and cabinet shelves too.

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Tea towels.

Tea towels are the go-to tool to help you keep up with your kitchen. Made with high-quality linen, and soft cotton, tea towels offer the most versatile use to your busy kitchen days.

How do I choose a tea towel?

Linen tea towels have the right, sturdy material to handle any kitchen activities, making them undoubtedly fundamental to your kitchen. Australia’s Manchester Warehouse tea towel fabrics are highly absorbent and soft thanks to a mix of linen and cotton. When choosing a tea towel, it’s best to stick with these materials, as other man-made fabrics will reduce the efficacy of absorbency. Our tea towels are also decorative, so if you’re shopping for something to complete your kitchen décor, aesthetic tea towels are a sure-fire way to spice it up. Browse our cotton tea towels collection for your kitchen towels.

How do you wash tea towels?

Tea towels are often used to clean up after anything and everything, so it’s important to wash them as frequently as you use them to prevent the buildup of bacteria, mildew, and mould. For best results, throw them in a cold machine wash, use a detergent that is fit for removing stains, avoid bleach and tumble dry, and aim to wash them after every day’s use.

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