Double Size Mattress Protectors

What size is a double mattress protector?

You should find that the common size of a double mattress protector is 138cm x 190cm x 40cm. The thickness may vary depending on the style, and the overall size may be slightly different across brands and designs. All designs should be double bed waterproof mattress protector quality so that moisture does not impact its quality.

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Double mattress protectors.

Protect your bed and yourself from the dangers of bacteria with our premium Double Bed Mattress Protector range.

Should I buy a queen mattress protector for a double bed?

You should always buy a mattress protector that fits the bed correctly. In this case, for a double bed, you will need a double bed mattress protector and a queen mattress protector for a queen bed. This ensures it fits firmly to the bed and so it can carry out its purpose properly, which is to guard your mattress against sweat, dirt, and other forms of bacteria that may degrade its quality. A larger size than your mattress is never recommended as it will move around as you sleep and may leave part of the mattress unprotected.

How to wash your double mattress protectors?

When it comes to double size mattress protectors, you should follow these simple tips - never soak, bleach, iron, or dry clean them to maintain their integrity and fit. Use a cold machine wash with similar colours on a normal spin, rinse well, and tumble dry on low if necessary. Otherwise, we suggest line drying in the shade after the cycle is complete. Be sure that the protector fits in your washing machine safely.

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