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What is Brand Ecoya?

With their products designed in New Zealand and handmade here in Australia, this Australasian brand is determined to produce the best fragrance products for customer satisfaction. By working with experts in the perfume and fragrance field, each design never lacks quality. When you need a reliable perfume/fragrance for whatever reason, Ecoya never disappoints.


Locally founded and manufactured in Australia, Brand Ecoya redefines the functionality and appeal of fragrances for everyday life in the house, car, or professional settings.

What Ecoya products are available at Manchester Warehouse?

Our Brand Ecoya range at Manchester Warehouse encompasses a variety of Ecoya diffuser designs, candle sets, taper candles, hand & body lotions, tealights, hand creams, hand sanitisers, reed diffusers, standalone candles, room sprays, and even a wick trimmer. Everything about this range focuses on making you or the particular setting smell delightful, whether as a welcoming gesture to guests or freshen you up after a long day at work.

How could I use these products?

Brand Ecoya's range allows you to experiment with various methods of inviting a beautiful fragrance to the scene. The Ecoya car diffuser, for example, is great for freshening your car with its convenient diffuse design and various scents. Ecoya candles and gift sets are perfect for birthday or housewarming gifts, while any of the other candles can be utilised around your home for a lovely ambience and fragrance. Leave the bathroom feeling totally refreshed with their selection of lotions, sanitisers, and creams! Last but not least, the room sprays can be spritzed whenever necessary to get rid of a particular stench.

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