European Pillowcases

What size is a European pillowcase?

The standard size of a European pillowcase is 65cm x 65cm. All European Pillowcases will have a square shape and measurements that match accordingly. 65 x 65cm is the conventional size for this. You will need to find a matching pillow size to fit a European pillow case appropriately.

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What is a European style pillowcase?

A European pillowcase is also known as a continental pillowcase and is typically used for decorative purposes. A standard European pillowcase measures 65 x 65cm but can come in a range of square-shaped dimensions. This is perhaps the most commonly used decorative pillowcase for adding style, but they can also be used for comfort purposes when reclining in bed.

How to style European pillowcases?

These pillowcases can be used on any bed size, but only two will fit on a double-size bed or higher. They are often placed in front of your king or standard-size pillows that you sleep on. You can shop European pillowcases in Australia via our range and style them according to your bedroom decor with our great range of colours, patterns, and textures.

What is the difference between standard and European pillowcases?

Standard pillowcases feature a rectangular shape, whereas European pillowcases are square, therefore requiring a square pillow to match. Standard rectangular pillows are often used at the back of the bed where your head rests to sleep, while European pillow cases will be used decoratively in front of them. Depending on your style preferences, you can also use Euro pillow cases behind standard pillows for a unique size impression. Manchester Warehouse stocks an exciting range of pillowcases by various brands, such as Classic Quilts, Logan and Mason Lifestyle, and Bianca, offering a lovely selection of colours, patterns, and fabrics to browse. Many of these also have matching quilt covers available in our store.

How can European pillowcases be presented?

You can utilise European pillowcases within the bedroom or in other cosy spaces around the house to add comfort to the setting. In addition to decorating the bed, they also look lovely on chairs, armchairs, sofas, daybeds, and more. You can use them as a form of back and rear support or merely for decorative use.

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