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Faux Fur Comforters

Is a faux fur comforter hot?

Faux fur comforters are remarkably soft to the touch, with the same fluffy, warm texture you get from real fur. They look beautiful complementing a winter bed, providing an additional thick layer for you to use when you sleep. They can get quite hot depending on the climate, your body temperature, and how many other blankets you are using, so keep that in mind when you are considering your winter bed layout. The cooler months are the best time to use a fur comforter, but you might also choose to browse our larger Comforters range for more style/fabric options!


Fluffy, cosy, and sleep-inducing, our Faux Fur Comforters are incredibly warm for the cooler months with heat insulating properties.

Is faux fur washable?

Faux fur can be safely washed according to the product care label. Depending on its usage and other factors, you may need to wash your fur comforter more often than not, especially if you are prone to sweating whilst you sleep or have a pet that enjoys cuddling up beside you. With how soft and cuddly they are, it's easy to see why pets would love a faux fur comforter as much as we do!

How do you wash a faux fur comforter?

To wash your faux fur comforter, you can either hand-wash or machine-wash it carefully following the proper instructions. We recommend a gentle cycle on cold to prevent damage to the fabric. Do not soak, bleach, wring, tumble dry, or dry clean the comforter either. Always wash it with similar colours, rinse well, and dry it off in the shade on the line.