Warm, cosy, and perfect for winter, our comforters are the final piece to complement any bedding set - especially during the cooler months.

Comforters, while similar in fashion to coverlets and bedspreads, are characterised by their exceptional warmth and comfort. They are often quilted to provide these qualities and are finished with precision stitching to seal in the warmth. In fact, comforters are the ideal alternative to electric heated blankets due to how warm they are!

While many of these comforters will have down feathers or a polyester filling, the variety we have available at Manchester Warehouse, such as faux fur comforters allows you to fully explore your options to find a comforter that perfectly suits your needs. Not to mention the many designs that can go well with sophisticated, modern, vintage, and other bedroom decor schemes.

Keeping warm and protected against the cold during sleep in winter is crucial for one's health. Browse our various luxury comforters to enjoy a long, restful sleep undisturbed by the chilly night air.

As another option, we also stock a large range of toppers, protectors, valancessheets and also a wide range of styles and designs of quilt and doona covers

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Bed comforter sets.

Keep warm, and snug in bed with our high-quality Bed Comforter Sets Australia, designed for cold nights to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your sleep.

What is a comforter for a bed?

A comforter is designed to give you warmth and comfort during sleep, as its name suggests. They are thick, fluffy, and typically quilted for this function. It is usually the final layer when completing your bedding set and does not require a cover to use. This makes it particularly versatile when styling your bedding for warmth. Comforter sets come in a range of different fabrics, sizes and fillings that are always stitched securely to keep the distribution of warmth even.

What is the difference between a comforter and a coverlet?

Coverlets are typically thinner than a comforter, which is thicker and warmer. A coverlet will also be more lightweight, which makes it ideal for climates that aren't as cold. Comforters will also have either down feathers or polyester fillings, while coverlets have either no filling or a thin cotton layer.

When should you use a comforter?

When winter arrives, or you live in a cold climate, it is recommended to use a comforter over other thinner alternatives like bedspread. To decide whether you need a comforter or not, consider how warm you need to be if you prefer something heavy or light over your body and your bedding style preferences, such as texture and size. Our comforters collection comes in various sizes: single comforter, double comforter, queen comforter set, king comforter set, and super king size. These may factor into your decision. Ultimately, if the weather is cool and you find your bedroom gets cold at night, or you want to save on using heating electricity, a comforter is an ideal choice. Try using the Bianca Comforters to feel sensations like sleeping on clouds!