Fitted Sheet Sets

What Is A Fitted Sheet?

A fitted sheet is designed to be a bottom sheet that holds onto your mattress by having elastic sown into the sides.

Which Fabric Is The Best?

A 400 thread count sheet selection is what we offer, ensuring the highest quality material for your relaxation. A 400 thread count sheet makes for an amazing night of relaxed and cool sleep.

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Fitted sheet.

Manchester Warehouse has a comprehensive range of fitted sheet sets from a large number of brands as well as a great selection of compositions such as cotton fitted sheet or linen fitted sheet, colours and sizes. 


What Sizes Are Available?

With sizing slightly different all over the world it is best to check our sizing guide for reference. However we stock sizes that includes: 

Depending on the thickness of your mattress you may need a fitted sheet that has deep pockets.  



How are sheets sold?

There are three main ways to buy bed sheets:

  • Separates (so you could buy just a fitted sheet)
  • Fitted sheet combos (a fitted sheet with pillowcase/s)
  • Sheet sets (a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase/s)

In fitted sheet sets, single beds (including king single and long single beds) come with one pillowcase while double and above come with two.


Do you sell separates?

We sell separates, combos and sheet sets. For separates, check out the Linen House Lifestyle Hotel Augusta 500THC Cotton Sateen Fitted or Flat, or the Logan and Mason Platinum Hotel Grande 400THC Egyptian Cotton Sateen Fitted or Flat. For a fitted sheet combo, try the Bambury Indulgence Brighton 250THC Cotton Fitted Sheet Combo.


What are the best bed sheet sets in Australia? What are the highest quality sheets?

The best or highest quality bed sheets are quite subjective as it depends on what you’re after and what your needs are. Some people are guided by thread count while others prefer a weightier product. We tend to look at premium composition to determine luxury, so we would suggest that a 100% cotton or linen product would be the height of luxury.