Flannelette Quilt And Doona Covers

Perfect for snuggling up in winter, our Flannelette Quilt Covers & Doona Covers will keep you warm and cosy for restful sleep.

Is flannelette good for a quilt cover?

Flannelette has a super soft texture and sensation with its brushed cotton composition. The brushed design creates tiny fibres that improve its insulation properties. This is a particularly warm choice for those in cooler climates or going into winter. The fluffy feeling and excellent insulation ensure you stay warm throughout the entire night without discomfort. With this in mind, it is good for a quilt cover choice, especially when the weather cools down.

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The flannelette quilt cover is an amazing winter bedding option.

How do you choose a good flannelette quilt cover?

All high-quality flannelette quilt covers, such as the ones listed on Manchester Warehouse, are premium-made and offer a luxurious sleeping experience. However, choosing the right one comes down to your preference of style. There are many unique designs to align with your bedroom decors, such as elegant floral patterns or solid colours to contrast or blend with surrounding accents. You may also want to opt for one particular size over another, depending on your mattress size and sleeping preferences.

What is the best way to wash your flannelette quilt cover?

To care for your flannelette quilt cover set, we suggest a normal spin warm machine wash and line dry in the shade afterwards. Do not dry clean, soak, bleach, or tumble dry, and always wash with similar colours to prevent colour staining. Following these guidelines will ensure the longest use of your flannelette duvet cover and protect it against common degradation factors. We also have wide range of quilt and doona covers from various composition. 

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