The Benefits of Using a Flannelette Quilt Cover


12th April 2023

Flannelette is a soft woven fabric known for its exceptional softness and warmth. Often made from cotton, the fabric is brushed to give it a fuzzy texture. But unlike flannel, which it is often confused with, flannelette is quite breathable and makes for a cozy fabric, great for colder weather.

While flannelette is quite common as bed linen, here are the top reasons why you should choose a flannelette quilt cover:

1. It’s Warm and Cozy

Boost the comfort of your winter quilt cover by draping it in a flannelette cover. Flannelette warms up to touch and provides toasty warmth without being overwhelming. Brushed on both sides, the fabric is a textural marvel that traps warmth and feels inviting, unlike thicker warm quilt covers which can feel itchy on the skin.

Flannelette quilt covers are warmer than cotton but more comfortable than flannel or woollen ones. They strike the perfect balance between warm and cozy, offering a superb winter bedding option that helps you sleep comfortably when the temperature drops. This makes them an ideal addition to your winter bedding collection, ensuring a good night's sleep even on the coldest nights.

2. It’s Plush

Because it is essentially a brushed fabric, flannelette looks and feels superior, despite it being more affordable than other varieties of cotton, like Egyptian cotton, commonly used for bed linen.

3. It’s Easy to Maintain

Another reason we absolutely love flannelette quilt covers is because of their ease of maintenance. Unlike cotton, this fibre does not crease and wrinkle easily, retaining its flawless appearance.

And flannelette covers are easy to clean as well. You can put them through a normal machine washing cycle and they will come out looking brand new. You can even hand wash them if you’re up for expending some elbow grease. To further extend the life of your flannelette quilt cover, we suggest you use a soft detergent, although it’s hard to compromise the quality of flannelette covers just by washing them, as they are fairly durable and will last you for a considerable time.

4. It’s Lightweight

Flannelette is a lightweight fabric and, therefore, is an excellent choice for a quilt cover. If you prefer light covers that keep you warm without stifling you, then flannelette is a good choice because you do not need heavy-duty quilts with it. The material also does not add to the weight of the quilt and is far easier to put on than other fabrics which can curl up into a bundle.

You can use your quilt without having to wrestle with it.

5. It Looks Good With Other Fabrics

Because of its texture, flannelette pairs well with a variety of fabrics, including cotton, satin, and flannel, making flannelette an excellent choice if you want your quilt cover to match the rest of your bedding. In fact, a slight difference in the feel and texture of cotton and flannelette can give your bed character and make it look like it’s straight out of a magazine.

So get your hands on some flannelette quilt covers and shop the selection on our website. You’re going to love sleeping under one!