Flannelette Sheets

Are flannelette sheets worth it?

Whether flannelette fitted sheets and flannelette flat sheets are right for you depends on your circumstances and preferences. Consider the climate where you live, what other bedding is on your bed, the heating in your home, whether you are a cold or hot sleeper, if you have an electric blanket etc. But depending on your answers to these questions, yes! We believe there is nothing better than cosy warm sheets on a cold winter's night.

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Choosing flannelette sheets for your home.

There’s nothing like flannelette sheets to give you an extra cosy bed in the cooler months. 

What are flannelette sheets? Why are flannelette sheets warmer?

Flannelette is actually a brushed cotton. The brushing process creates a soft pile on the sheets which holds in warmth and creates the soft cozy feel flannelette sheets are known for. 

Is flannelette the same as flannel?

Yes, flannelette and flannel are the same thing. You can call flannelette sheets as a flannel sheets.

How can you tell good quality flannelette sheets?

The higher end flannelette sheets for sale tend to be napped on both sides so they offer superior softness. The best flannelette sheets Australia will feel soft and fuzzy straight out of the packet and this softness will last for many washes. Long-staple cotton flannelette sheets are the softest and the strongest, and will have best washability. A good quality fitted flannelette sheet will stop shedding after a few washes and will have minimal pilling during its lifetime. You can also check out our Bed Sheets range for more options.

How much should you spend on sheets?

For flannelette sheets in a queen size, you can expect to pay anywhere between $90 and $150 for a flannelette sheet set.

Manchester Warehouse has a comprehensive range of flannelette sheet from a great selection of sizes from single to king single flannelette sheets, from queen to king flannelette sheet.