Floor Rugs and Floor Mats

Looking for today’s most modern floor rugs and mats to add to your home’s interior design? Our online selection at Manchester Warehouse carries some of Australia’s best floor rug trends of the season. Find circular, woven rugs to finish the perfect modern-day take on rustic and vintage design for your home.

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Floor rugs and mats.

How do I clean floor rugs and mats?

Floor rugs and floor mats are usually hand-cleaned or spot-cleaned if especially delicate. At Manchester Warehouse, our rugs are intricately woven or braided, so they should be spot-cleaned at all times. Thankfully, they are not difficult to spot clean and do not stain easily. Many other rugs of other fabrics, like thicker rugs made of nylon, may stain more easily. Complete your whole home with our living collections.

How do I store floor rugs and mats?

When storing floor rugs or floor mats, make sure the rug is first clean and dry. Before storing, roll up the floor rug and then cover the rolled-up rug or mat with plastic wrap to ensure its safety and preservation. Save your rug’s original wrapping to make the process easier. Make sure to store the rugs in a cool and dry environment free from insects like moths. You can store your square floor rugs or round floor rugs in a same way!

How do I wash floor rugs and mats?

Floor rugs and mats should not be machine-washed. Avoid machine-washing floor rugs or floor mats to preserve the quality of its design and prevent unwanted damage. When an accidental spill occurs, it is best to clean the rug with white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and a gentle scrub pad. These are all the ingredients you need to remove any stain from your floor rug or mat. Check out our bedroom floor rugs collection.