Florence Broadhurst

Florence Broadhurst – The Brand

Florence Broadhurst was an Australian Designer in the 60’s, creating her legend as a “style maven extraordinaire” that started with a hand-print wallpaper business. She expressed her love of her travels through her creative designs and worked to grow an archive of over 500 versatile images for home design. Today, Florence Broadhurst has become a top brand whose archived designs lived on to decorate thousands of homes, and many world-renowned designers today are in awe of her complex creativity.

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Florence broadhurst.

Fill your home with the incredible fabrics and patterns of designer Florence Broadhurst. For an easy upgrade to your home, the beautiful and eclectic Florence Broadhurst designs will bring the elegance you’re seeking. From furniture to bed covers and towels, and more, Florence Broadhurst designs have never failed to brighten up a home. If you’re looking to add just a touch of something new to your home, check out the Manchester Warehouse selection of classic Florence Broadhurst designs.

What are Florence Broadhurst products available at Manchester Warehouse?

Manchester Warehouse offers a lovely collection of towels and bathmats with classic Florence Broadhurst designs. These towels feature some of Florence Broadhurst’s best work in neutral and earthy tones to suit any bathroom aesthetic. Both bath mats and towels are embossed in the timeless Japanese fan pattern with exceptional texture for your comfort. Manchester Warehouse also offers Florence Broadhurst designed bed quilt covers that feature vibrant parakeets with a neutral geometric touch and an elegant blend of waterfalls and flowers in a calming green.

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