Geometric Quilt and Doona Covers

How do I choose the best geometric quilt cover for me?

You may want to first decide on how bold or simple you want your bedroom to be. Manchester Warehouse offers a variety of both simple and complex geometric quilt covers, depending on your preference. This could be contrasting stripes, bordered edges, triangle formations in patterned variants, or even subtly textured fabrics that create geometric artworks. Logan and Mason, for example, offer a stunning range of striped quilt covers, while the Vintage Design Homewares brand features more subtle patterns. Choose a geometric quilt cover that aligns well with your current bedroom decor, or perhaps consider a contrast to make the cover stand out more.

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Geometric quilt and doona covers.

Our range of exclusive Geometric Quilt & Doona Covers may be the touch you need to elevate the bedroom.

What is Geometric style?

Beautifully inspired by Greek art, the geometric style features a simple or complex display of shapes combined into a pattern. Despite originating hundreds of years ago, the geometric style has remained a favourite and trending art form, even in contemporary times. This style can wonderfully complement a modern or antique-style home depending on the design and can also have a unique colour palette.

What are other Geometric trend products available at Manchester Warehouse?

Our variety of geometric quilt covers doesn't stop there. We also have geometric pillowcases, cushions, sets, bath towels, throw rugs, and more to browse. These can complement your other geometric pieces and geometric doona covers or can be used to layer on top of solid colours to make them "pop" even more extravagantly.

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