Green Cushions

What colours go with a green cushion?

Just like the many colours of nature that pair well with green, like the hues of flowers, fruits, and birds, you can combine a variety of colours with green in your home. These range from neutral tones like brown and grey as well as more vibrant colours such as yellow, pink, and blue. White is also easy to contrast with green due to its versatility and freshness. Opt for matching colours for a more cohesive aesthetic, or go bold with vastly different hues for your green cushions.

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Green cushions.

Heavily inspired by Earth's natural green colours, our Premium Green Cushions offer a decorative, tranquil touch to your most relaxing spaces, allowing the entire family and guests to feel comfortable within the setting.

Is green a good colour for a cushion?

If your aim for the bedroom or living room is a calm, tranquil, and naturally-inspired decor scheme, then green is a fantastic colour choice for a cushion. We stock a variety of green cushions, including olive, seaweed, and mint green cushions, to complement your decor and personal style. Mint cushions have been an especially popular choice. Regardless, we're sure you will love how transformative these essential accents can be.

What does the colour green symbolise?

Symbolic of Earth's natural world, green is truly a captivating colour that transports us to nature with its calming essence. This exotic colour represents good luck, health, and tranquillity, Spring, prosperity, freshness, and progress. This is why it makes such an excellent choice for decorating a calm space, uplifting a peaceful atmosphere with a relaxing colour scheme.

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