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Grey Coverlets

What is the most popular shade of grey in a coverlet?

Grey comes in several different shades that may complement one bedroom more than another - however, grey is renowned for its balancing and neutral effect on a setting, making it quite easy to decorate with. Our Grey Coverlets range from silver, charcoal, magnet, coil, and misty grey, with charcoal and silver being the most popular choices among our customers. Silver has a lighter and more neutral impact on the bedroom, while charcoal is a darker and bolder choice, both of which can be styled with other layering shades. Take a look at our entire Coverlets collection for more colour options!


A Grey Coverlet can be styled effortlessly in any bedroom decor with its elegant, versatile, and serene aesthetic - the perfect finish to your bedding arrangement.

What colour goes well with a grey coverlet?

As a neutral tone, many colours can adapt well with a grey coverlet, including white, other shades of grey, orange, black, beige, and even light shades of green. Depending on the other decor elements in the bedroom, you can also try vibrant colours like mustard, teal blue, blush pink, and even red. We love the serene, relaxing aesthetic of a grey bedroom with white, beige, and black contrasts just as much as the more creative ones that utilise a diverse colour palette. The beauty of grey is that it allows you to experiment with various hues, and it can be used to "balance" other colours within a setting, hence its popularity. Additionally, grey is considered a tranquil and soft colour choice that works well with settings that require a peaceful atmosphere, such as the bedroom.