Coverlets and Bedcovers are the perfect finishing touch to add to your beautifully curated bedroom. At Manchester Warehouse we offer a range of coverlet brands including Linen House, Bambury, Bianca, MM Linen, and Classic Quilts.

Coverlets are available in a wide range of styles and designs and will complement and coordinate with a variety of fashion bedlinen. Use in conjunction with a quilt cover set to add an extra layer of warmth, or fold and lay it across the end of the bed similar to a bed runner, for that hotel look. If your bed is a King size, use a Super King Coverlet for the ultimate designer look. Then, in the warmer months, you may use a bedcover in place of a quilt cover set to make your bedding lighter. 

Discover a world of comfort with our range of super king quilt cover, flannelette quilt cover, green quilt coverbed sheets, queen bed sheetsquiltbamboo quiltsuper king quilt and super king sheets for completing your bed. Need more? You can also check out our bedding page for more options.

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Everything you need to know about coverlets.

Coverlets are also known as comforters or bed covers, and are an alternative to a doona or quilt. They are cosy, comfortable, and available in a range of stylish designs.



Coverlets are available in all bed sizes, including:

It is advised that you buy up a size for more tuck or overhang, especially if you have two people sleeping in a bed. That means selecting queen bed coverlets for a double bed, and so on. Of course, if you aren’t a fan of having extra overhang, you can simply opt for the same size as your mattress.

If you buy coverlet sets instead of a coverlet on its own, you will get a pillowcase or two in addition to the coverlet. A single or king single coverlet set will come with one pillowcase. Anything larger will come with two pillowcases. Not all coverlets come in a set, so check the product description before making your purchase.



Quilted coverlets have a fill of some kind, made from either cotton, polyester, or a polyester cotton blend. Polyester fill coverlets are the best choice for winter, as they lock in more heat. Coverlets with cotton fill are the best quilted choice for summer or climates with warm weather, however you may also opt for a non-quilted coverlet, without any filling.

The outer fabric of a coverlet may be made from a range of different materials. The most common include:

Polyester, velvet and microfiber will be the warmest options, while natural fibers such as cotton and linen will be the best choice for summer. The material of any filling, however, will make the most difference to warmth.


Range of colours

We have coverlets for sale in a range of colours. Some of the most popular colours include:

Coverlets may also be patterned or textured. While there are some colourful designs, you will generally find that coverlets are solid in colour with a quilted detailing or some sort of pattern or stitch design. If plain coverlets aren’t for you, check out the Classic Quilts collection of coverlets online today.




What is the difference between a coverlet and a quilt or doona?

A quilt or a doona is generally composed of filling in a white casing and requires a cover to be added on top of it, whereas a coverlet doesn’t require a cover. It is all one piece, ready to go, and able to be washed as it is. It may have a filling quilted into it, or it may not.


What is the difference between a coverlet and a bedspread?

While both a coverlet and a bedspread are all-in-one alternatives to a doona or quilt, they are not the same. The main difference between the two is that a bedspread hangs to the floor and comes in two types - a tailored option and a loose-fitting throw-over option. A bedspread may also have an extra piece of fabric at the top that can be turned back to cover the pillows. A coverlet does not have the tailored/loose option, does not hang to the floor, and does not have the pillow cover. It is just a rectangular piece of fabric that is thrown over the bed, and covers the top of the mattress.


What is the difference between a coverlet and a comforter?

A comforter is typically thicker than a coverlet, which is thinner and more lightweight. Comforters are also filled with either down feathers or polyester, and they are for you who live in cold climates and needs extra warmth on your bed. 


How does a coverlet work?

A coverlet is extremely easy to use, and simply needs to be thrown over the bed. It does not require a doona cover or any extras, although it can be layered with blankets for warmth if required.


Why should I choose a coverlet instead of a quilt or doona?

The choice between a coverlet and a quilt or doona is completely up to personal preference, but some of the reasons people prefer a coverlet includes:

  • They prefer a throw-over style to the look of a doona
  • They live in a climate that doesn’t require a quilt
  • They prefer a coverlet in summer and a quilt in winter
  • They prefer to layer a coverlet with blankets rather than have a doona so they can easily remove layers as required
  • They don’t like the work of threading a quilt into a doona cover after washing
  • They find a coverlet easier to clean than a doona or quilt
  • They prefer the flat, sleek look rather than the loft of a quilt
  • They like the way a coverlet can be tucked securely unlike a doona or quilt

Your choice of bedding is very individual - only you can know if a coverlet is right for you! However if any of the points above sound like you, you might be in the right place. If a coverlet isn’t quite right for you, be sure to check out our range of bedspreads.


Is a quilt warmer than a coverlet?

A quilt is definitely warmer than a coverlet, and quilts are also available in various compositions for different levels of warmth. You are then putting a cover on your doona as well, adding an extra layer. Coverlets are a good choice in warmer climates or during the summer. If you need a lot of extra warmth, a coverlet might not be your best choice. Browse our extensive selection of bed sheets, quilts, king-single sheets, flannelette quilt cover and European pillowcases to complete your bedrooms. We also have cushions, round cushions, velvet cushions and throws to round out your living room and towel collections for your bathroom.

At Manchester Warehouse we stock a range of leading brands, including Bambury, Bianca, Classic Quilts, Linen house, MM Linen and Private Collection. With over 100 designs available, you are sure to find one that fits your needs. That allows you to get the bed of your dreams without breaking the budget.