Hand Creams

What is a hand cream used for?

Hand cream is perfect if you suffer from dry, malnourished hands or simply want to give them a fresh scent. Their formula is designed to infuse moisture and nutrients into the delicate skin on your hands, resulting in softer and soothed skin. You can also use hand cream to repair skin damage, ideal for those who work with their hands all day or if you suffer from certain skin allergies. There are a variety of different hand creams available on Manchester House, each with its own unique formula, scent, and benefits and hand cream gift set options. Take a look at our broad Home Fragrance range for more ways of experiencing delightful scents.

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Hand creams.

Manchester Warehouse offers the best hand cream in Australia, featuring brands like Ecoya hand cream, Urban Rituelle hand cream, and Palm Beach hand cream.

Is hand cream and lotion the same thing?

Not quite. A hand cream differs slightly from a lotion due to its unique consistency. The texture of hand cream is thicker, while a lotion is thinner with its higher content of water. We recommend using hand cream for skin that is particularly dry, as it will create a thicker and more protective layer over your skin, in addition to the larger content of nourishing ingredients. Lotions feel lighter and are more easily spread over your skin.

When should you use hand cream?

The frequency of using a hand cream will vary depending on many factors, such as how dry your hands get, your lifestyle and career, whether you suffer from any skin issues, and your age. You can keep a hand cream nearby for whenever your hands feel dry and irritated, or keep it near the sink to use after washing your hands. Hand cream can safely be used throughout the day as desired, but we suggest using it when you notice the skin on your hands cracking or becoming dry.