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How do I choose a fragrance?

To choose a fragrance, consider what type of scent you think would appeal to you and your guests the most, or choose one that compliments the theme of your home. If you're aspiring towards a coastal-themed house, you could try a sea salt and gardenia scent. For special events, try a versatile vanilla or rosewood and cedar fragrance to invigorate guests. You can even spritz a room spray occasionally when you need a quick way to fragrance the setting. If you want more ideas on decorating or uplifting your home, you can take a look at our Living collection for inspiration.


Make your home smell positively delightful with our range of Home Fragrance Australia. When guests or family members walk into the house, they will be greeted by a beautiful scent that immediately brings them a sense of relaxation and comfort.

How do you fragrance a home?

Establishing a signature scent also helps curate your home atmosphere, and fragrancing is effortless when it comes to our range of home fragrance diffuser designs and candles. With iconic brands like Urban Rituelle, Ecoya, and Palm Beach, our collection offers you surface sprays, pamper packs, reed diffusers, room sprays, essential oils, car diffusers, candles, body creams, hand creams and even deluxe hampers as gift ideas or to completely equip your entire home with a consistent, lovely fragrance. You can decide on how much or how little you would like to fragrance your home: you can add a reed home fragrance diffuser to the coffee table of your living room, a candle to the kitchen, hand creams beside the bathroom sink, or incorporate our essential oils into your aromatherapy practices to powerfully elevate the atmosphere of any room. Try our Palm Beach Tealight Collection Pack or check out our full selection of gifts with many more options for more Christmas gifts and stocking fillers ideas.