Hand Towels

What is a hand towel?

A hand towel is a pleasant visual accent to the bathroom, laundry, or anywhere there is a sink. Bathroom hand towels provide convenience for you to dry your hands off after washing them, rather than wiping them on your clothes or wasting paper towels. A hand towel is typically hung on a hand towel rail that is positioned close to the sink for easy access, and they can often be a delightful decorative aspect of the bathroom too.

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Bathroom hand towels.

Bathroom Hand Towels are essential for any bathroom or sink area, providing the means to dry your hands after washing them.

How big is a standard hand towel?

Standard bathroom hand towels are typically sized at 40 x 60cm or 40 x 70cm. The width is universal, while the length may vary slightly across different brands or designs. This provides plenty of room for you to wipe and dry your hands while also allowing the towel to loop through and counterbalance on a rail without falling off.

How to choose the best hand towel for you?

Manchester Warehouse has a variety of hand towel designs to browse from, including solid colours, embroidered hand towels, patterned hand towels, and more. You can choose a subtle embroidered style for a touch of elegance and decoration in the bathroom, or choose one that is more simple to align with the aesthetic of your other bathroom textiles and design. To complete the look, browse our Bath Towels range to match!

How often should you wash your hand towels?

Hand towels are often used frequently to dry your wet hands, but even then, your hands may not be entirely clean. It is important to keep a strict washing routine for them to prevent bacteria from building up, which can then cause an unpleasant odour in the bathroom, and end up dirtying your hands rather than cleaning them. Wash them at least every 2 days to maintain their fresh feeling and performance.