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Why choose Hilton?

When you first hear of Hilton, you might immediately think of the iconic Hilton Hotel, which is renowned for its luxurious, five-star experience and accommodation. The Hilton brand features equally pleasant designs that create a luxurious lifestyle right from your home. These designs make you feel important, deserving, and relaxed, elevating any interior with their sophisticated yet luxurious styles. Hilton serves all looking to uplift the quality of their home, whether it be with a few or many pieces. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, they have both Deluxe and Hotel varieties to browse. Were you looking for a different Brand? With some of the most popular Brands around Australia, there are plenty of options.


With an emphasis on quality, comfort, and timeless sophistication, Hilton is always striving for the highest standard of bedding at affordable prices.

What are Hilton products available at Manchester Warehouse?

Refresh the bedroom with brand-new Hilton pillows, quilts and doonas, mattress protectors, pillow protectors, and more. The Hilton collection at Manchester Warehouse comes in an assortment of fabric types, sizes, and features. For example, the ECO-friendly bamboo quilt range is naturally resilient and durable, or the Deep Sleep memory foam pillows cater to fussy sleepers. Hilton aims to please every type of customer and their preferred sleeping habits with something for everyone. Most importantly, the Hilton designs are carefully created to ensure the most satisfaction, utilising premium materials such as microfibre, bamboo, and 100% cotton to deliver on this promise.