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Indulgence Hooded Blankets

How do I choose the best Indulgence hooded blanket for me?

Indulge in these hooded blankets' soft, warm, and relaxing feel. Unlike the usual hooded blankets, these ones feature a wearable blankets design with a hood, stylish decorative ball accent and a button. Merely looking at one will have you eager to touch its soft texture and wrap yourself up on the sofa. When you need to get warm fast, or you want to relax in the cool weather, the 100% polyester of Indulgence hooded blankets makes it easy. They can also be draped over the sofa or bed when not in use for a cosy aesthetic. To choose the best one for you, consider the colour scheme of your living room or bedroom, such as the tone of the furnishings, for a cohesive display. In addition to the Indulgence hooded blanket, you can also discover gorgeous blankets on our website to complement the look of these hooded blankets.


The essential Indulgence Hooded Blanket Australia creates a unique experience for everyone with their snuggly, wearable hooded blankets design.

How do you wash your Indulgence hooded blanket?

It is important to properly care for your Indulgence hooded blanket to avoid damage and dirt. You can safely wash and tumble dry on low in a cold wash machine with similar colours. Avoid bleaching, dry cleaning, and ironing, and keep it away from flames!

What are other Indulgence products available at Manchester Warehouse?

Indulgence beckons you to experience the utmost comfort with the full Indulgence range at Manchester Warehouse. Complete that totally relaxed home atmosphere with their coverlet sets, quilts, comforter sets, and quilt cover sets for the bedroom, then finish it up with one of the hooded blankets! These also make a wonderful gift idea during the wintertime for anyone who enjoys cosying up with a book or a movie without feeling cold. Wrap one around you and relish in the fluffy, sweet comfort it provides.