Kids Bedding

What do I need for kids bedding?

To set up the best kids bedroom, make sure you have kid sized bedlinen. This means kids quilt covers, quilts, sheets, coverlets, mattress protectors, blankets, and pillows, all available in sizes from bassinet to single-size mattresses. Then, find different sets of bed sheets in twin or full size, along with picking between various duvets and quilts. Browse our full range of Kids for more options, or check out what's new in kids!

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Kids bedding.

The right kids bedding sets make bedtime peaceful after a long day of play. If you want your children’s memories to be moulded in comfort and style, the perfect bedding makes all the difference. With the coziest blankets and plenty of high-quality pillows, Manchester Warehouse offers the best of comfort and style all-in-one. Find the perfect blanket to match your children’s favourite bedding styles.

How do I choose bedding for kids?

Choosing the right kids bedding will be important for your children’s sleep. First, pick the designs your kids would love. Then, consider the level of comfort and safety along with size. Pick smooth, comfortable, and safe materials like cotton, and find the size that would fit your kids bed, usually a twin or full. Lastly, consider a variety of choices for the main element: If you want a fluffier appearance and feel, go with a duvet. If you’re looking for something heavier, a quilt is a wonderful option.

What kids bedding products are available at Manchester Warehouse?

At Australia’s Manchester Warehouse, you will find everything you need for your kids bedding. Find blankets, pillows and protectors. Mix and match the styles that will fit your kid’s aesthetic, and get ready to be amazed by its comfort and durability.