Kids Quilt Covers

What is the size of kids quilt covers?

You can purchase different sizes of kids quilt covers depending on their mattress size. The kids double bed quilt cover typically has a size of 180cm x 210cm, while the kids single bed quilt cover is 140cm x 210cm.

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Quilt covers for kids.

Manchester Warehouse provides our Australian customers with premium kids quilt covers in a variety of styles and sizes, so your child can get to sleep effortlessly.

Can I use a single quilt cover for a kids bed?

You can use a single quilt cover on a kids bed if the mattress thickness allows for it. You may want to opt for a larger kids quilt cover depending on the thickness of the mattress and your preference of style. This may also depend on your kids comfort preferences - using a single quilt cover on a kids bed will give them slightly more room to utilise for warmth. Manchester Warehouse stocks both double and single kids quilt covers in a unique selection of patterns and styles to match your child's bedroom. You can also consider a kids quilt cover set, which includes matching pillowcases.

How often should I wash kids' quilt covers?

To ensure the best lifespan, comfort, and durability of your kids quilt cover, you should wash with care by using a warm machine cycle with similar colours. Never tumble dry, soak, dry clean, or bleach the cover, and we recommend drying it on the line in the shade. Before you wash, be sure to turn it inside out so that the pattern/design isn't affected.

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