While us grown ups aim for sophisticated minimalism when it comes to our king quilt covers or queen quilt covers, embodying the ‘less is more’ philosophy, kids quilt covers are a welcome opportunity to get a little crazy. Expressing individuality in your kid’s bedroom is important, especially if they are sharing. It will differentiate them from siblings and be a lighthearted way to show their personality (or hobby/interest at the time) as they discover their identity. One of the most effective ways to express this is through a themed bedspread. It gets used every day and is relatively cost-effective to mix and change.

Hiccups Sundae Blue Quilt Cover Set



1. Animals

Whether it’s cute and cuddly cats, beautiful butterflies or fierce lions and tigers, furry friends will always be popular with kids. Certain animals, like a dinosaur, stand out as cult favourites with children, but if your child is a lover of all animals, look out for general zoo or jungle themed doona covers. Some popular animal themes that we stock are:

  • Animal kingdom
  • Zoo
  • Pets
  • Dinosaur
  • Llama
  • Monkey

2. Places

Books, movies and video games have the power to transport us far away from our everyday life and routine. One of the main reasons is that they create a powerful sense of place. Choose a quilt cover with the potential to open up worlds of imagination for your little one. It could be a galaxy far, far away or a pineapple under the sea, but the right landscape will be the perfect setting to inspire some sweet dreams.

  • Forest/ Jungle
  • Space/ Galaxy
  • Nautical
  • Beach/ Under the Sea/ Mermaid
  • Cityscape

3. Activities/interests

From a very young age, our changing interests reflect our growth and development. We all remember a toy we carried with us everywhere or T-shirt we wouldn’t take off. If your child has an occasion coming up, surprise them with a new quilt cover that reflects the thing they’re currently nuts about! Do any of the themes below look familiar?

  • Earth movers/ Tractor
  • Farm
  • Yoga
  • Doll House
  • Surfin’ Safari

4. Other

It’s always hard to predict the next big kids craze, but the more important thing is to follow the passions of your own children. There’s nothing wrong with a princess or ballerina theme - complete with a billowing white mosquito net - year after year.

  • Teepee/Native American
  • Cactus
  • Party Time
  • Halloween/Haunted House
  • Princess
Hiccups Surfari Blue Quilt Cover Set


Choosing for boys

Selecting a theme for your son is easy if his interests are obvious. But what if they aren’t, or you can’t find what you’re looking for? If you want something as specific as Morgan and Finch quilt covers, you can shop by brand, but a child is going to care more about what it looks like than anything else. Try something less specific, like geometric shapes or colours like grey, green and blue in block, stripe or other pattern.

Hiccups Farmland Quilt Cover Set


Choosing for girls

Young girls can be easy to please, but don’t feel the need to go straight for pink or ballerinas. There’s no harm in choosing a farm theme if she’s an animal lover or selecting a teepee that is too cute for words to perch over her bed. Mermaid, dollhouse or hot pink, why not go all out for her bed? The benefit of single quilt covers is that you can select very vibrant pattern without it becoming overwhelming, and it’s a statement piece that can be easily changed. For warmer months, we recommend a cotton or linen quilt cover, but a flannelette quilt cover is best for winter, especially if your little one runs cold.

Hiccups Enchanted


As your kids grow older they will most likely want something a bit more mature like plain white quilt covers. Consider upgrading them to a king single quilt cover or a double bed and let them choose something new that reflects their transition into adulthood. Whatever the age of your child, they can be decked out in style at Manchester Warehouse.