King Coverlets

What is the size of a king coverlet?

The standard size of a coverlet king size is approximately 240cm x 260cm, though this may vary slightly across different brands and/or styles. You may also want to consider the size of your mattress when getting a certain coverlet size. Confirm the size of the king coverlet you are purchasing to ensure it is the right size you need.


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Why should I use a king coverlet?

Lightweight, stylish, and versatile, a coverlet can be utilised to dress up the look of your bed for styling purposes as well as an extra bedding layer. This is typically thin and can be used in various ways, such as folded over the end of a bed, as a blanket underneath your duvet, and more. You can also match one with your pillows or other accents in the bedroom for a pop of style. You can discover a variety of unique king size coverlets or other sizes coverlets at Manchester Warehouse, whether you intend to use them decoratively or otherwise.

Should I buy a king coverlet for the queen bed?

You can certainly purchase a king bed coverlet for a queen bed to make it easier to dress the bed with a bigger overhang. This is sometimes the preferred style. Alternatively, you can buy the correct matching size for your particular bed mattress if you don't require the extra overhang. This is purely a personal choice of style, but it may also factor into warmth and comfort if you'd like to use the coverlet during sleep, too. Larger size allows more freedom in the way you use it.