King Mattress Protector

What is the standard size for a king mattress protector?

You will know if a mattress protector fits a king mattress if the dimensions are around 183cm x 204cm x 40cm. These measurements can vary slightly due to the king bed mattress protector's particular style, fabric, and design, but that is the standard size you should aim for. This will prevent stains, dead skin cells, and other harmful allergens from reaching your king mattress and deteriorating it.

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King size mattress protector.

Give your king mattress optimal protection against every hassle with our King Size Mattress Protector range, including notable brands like Bianca, Alastairs, and Hilton Deluxe.

Should I buy a king mattress protector for a queen bed?

You should typically always aim for a mattress protector size that matches your mattress size, for example, a king mattress protector for a king mattress. This is especially true if you are purchasing a fitted style protector, in which case they can only be applied to their appropriate size. However, a good rule of thumb is to get a mattress protector king that is slightly thicker than your current mattress for a good fit. This is a crucial part of your bedding arrangement as it provides protection for the mattress and you during sleep and comfort. You can browse a variety of our Mattress Protector and Pillow Protector designs to find one that suits your needs and preferred style. Similarly, pillows should also have that protection against common allergens, so we recommend taking a look at the whole collection!