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King Single Coverlets

What is the size of a king single coverlet?

With a king single size coverlet, you will typically find about 195cm x 235cm. This could vary slightly across different brands and styles, but it is the standard size for king single bedding to perfectly fit a king single bed.


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Should I buy a king single coverlet for the single bed?

This comes down to personal preference of style and comfort. A coverlet is a very versatile bedding layer that can be used in various ways, including decoratively and functionally. If you want more room to work with, especially if styling it in a particular way on the bed or if you prefer better coverage, opting for a king single coverlet for a single bed is an ideal choice. It's also recommended for those who admire a longer overhang at the sides of the bed.

How do you use a king single coverlet?

You can use a king single coverlet folded at the end of the bed for style as your king single bedding set, layered between your sheets and duvet, draped over the top of the bed for extra warmth when needed, and more. The versatility of a coverlet makes it an essential piece - whether it is for occasional or permanent use. It has a lightweight and thinner style that makes it a popular choice for cooler climates or those who tend to overheat during the night. Browse our full range of coverlets for more options.