King Single Mattress Protector

What is the standard size for a king single mattress protector?

While some designs do vary in thickness and overall size slightly, the standard size of a king single mattress protector is 107cm x 203cm + 38cm. You can consider the thickness of your mattress as this should typically be a small amount thicker than your mattress for an ideal fit. Some mattresses will also vary in size despite falling under a king single category.

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King single mattress protector.

Mattress protectors are essential for keeping your sleeping zone a healthy and relaxing space as part of any bedding arrangement. Our King Single Mattress Protector designs come in a selection of fabrics and designs to make every sleep great.

Should I buy a king single mattress protectors for a single bed?

This would entirely depend on the exact size of your single bed mattress as well as the design of the mattress protector king single. However, we recommend opting for its usual size (a single bed mattress protector) instead of a larger one, especially if you are purchasing a fitted design. If you are interested in other sizes, you can browse our entire Mattress Protector and Pillow Protector collection for more options. Remember that the key function of a mattress protector is to safeguard your mattress - a long-term part of any bedding arrangement - against stains, sweat, dust mites, skin cells, and more allergens that can potentially impact your health as well as the quality of your mattress.