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King Size Electric Blankets

Why should I buy an electric blanket king size over other standard blankets?

There are a few reasons why choosing an electric blanket king size is more beneficial than simply layering more blankets on, although you can do both anyway! With its integrated heating system, it provides consistent warmth throughout the night or until you turn it off. The ability to control this heat and switch it on/off as desired gives you the most flexibility for comfort and can also save you money buying an unnecessarily excessive amount of blankets.


Manchester Warehouse's King Electric Blankets were designed with your warmth and comfort in mind, perfect for cold climates or those who appreciate full control over their bedding capabilities.

What is the standard size for a King Electric Blanket?

When you are buying a king electric blanket, the standard Australian size you should look for is 182cm x 203cm x 40cm. This provides a good fit for your king bed. Some designs or brands may vary in style and length, so keep an eye out for that, too.

Should I buy a king size electric blanket for a queen bed?

Any electric blanket should fit according to the mattress size. A king size electric blanket for a queen bed isn't usually recommended as it will hang over the sides. The main purpose of this type of blanket is its integrated electrical warmth, which will be made redundant if it is hanging off the bed. By keeping it fitted properly, you can get the most use out of its heat source.