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King Valances

What size is a King valance?

Valances are supposed to reach the ground, covering the entire base of your bed and any bed legs. Starting from the top of the bed base, the standard length of a King size valance is usually around 35 cm down to the floor.


There are many parts to your bedding essentials, King bed valances included. When blankets, sheets, and pillows are added, the bottom of the bed can’t be left bare. These useful King valences, or bed wraps, may help hide any flaws in your bed frame as well as any storage underneath your bed. They drape over the bottom of the bed down to the floor, completing your bedding décor with a sleek finish.

Should I buy a King valance for a Queen bed?

A King valance may fit on a Queen bed, but it is best to compare measurements before deciding to fit a King valance or bed wrap on a Queen bed. For the most part, they may be a bit larger, but any extra wrapping can be tucked underneath the mattress for a more secure fit.

How often should I wash valances?

Bed wraps or valances rarely need to be removed and washed unless soiled. More often than not, valances can be cleaned with a vacuum while still on the bed to keep them looking fresh and neat.