If you are tired of looking at your bed’s mattress base but don’t want to spend a fortune on an expensive bed frame to match your new boho quilt cover, a valance or bed wrap is the perfect solution. Both styles are available in an array of colours that will complement your bed linen. For those who prefer a tailored appearance, which will hide your bed castors (legs/wheels), a quilted valance with a classy floral doona cover is the way to go. Sometimes bed bases can ruin the look of an otherwise perfect bedroom, and whether you have a king bed base or just a small child’s mattress base to cover, valances are the answer to your boudoir dilemma.

Alternatively, a bed wrap is great for a clean and modern look (like with a bright geometric quilt cover or pink quilt covers) and is also ideal for children’s beds, as it is highly durable and easy to wash. You’ll find it incredibly easy to install, with no need to move your mattress off the base. Simply centre the seam at the head of the bed, and slip the bed wrap over one of the corners. Stretch diagonally across the bed to the bottom corner, and repeat the process on the other side.

Our bed wraps and valances are available in a range of colours and brands like Apartmento, Logan and Mason Lifestyle and Ramesses. If you want to complete your dream bedroom look, browse our quilt covers, sheets, linen sheets and much more for inspiration.

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Everything you need to know about valances.

The overall look of your bed depends on all the little details, from your sheets to your cushions and throws. Your bed valance is one of these details - it might seem small but it can have an enormous effect on how luxurious and inviting your bed is.

What is a valance? Why do you need one?

A valance, also known as a bed valance, covers the base of your bed. If you have an ensemble (a mattress on a base), the base often has an old school design, like a floral print, which may not match your quilt cover or your bedroom decor. You can use a bed wrap style valance to cover a base. If you have a bed frame, however, you will need to use a more traditional style valance to hide the space underneath the bed. This can be for decorative purposes, or to allow you to store things under your bed. You can also check Linen House Lifestyle valances or another product from Linen House.


We stock valances in a large range colours to suit any bedroom colour scheme. Some of the most popular choices include:

We offer both classic and on-trend shades, including cream, silver, mocha, stone, aubergine, and plum.


Valances come in all standard bed sizes, including:

Because valances go around the base of your bed, they should not be sized up. Choose the  same size as your mattress for an appropriate fit. But you need to choose a king quilt covers for your queen bed, upgrade your quilt is our recommendation! 


Our valances come in three main styles: bed wraps, linen valances, and quilted valances.

Bed wraps

The bed wrap style valance is a fitted product that is for use on an ensemble bed and base. It has an elasticised top and bottom and is pulled tightly around your mattress base like a steering wheel cover. This is designed to create an effortless, contemporary finish. We recommend the Linen House Lifestyle Fitted Bedwrap Range. This product comes in a durable suede type fabric, and is available in 10 great colours. It is easy to decorate the base of your bed with.

When choosing a bed wrap, take into consideration that the feet or wheels of your base will still show because it’s fitted and doesn’t drape to the floor. There can be some skill involved in applying your bed wrap, but you don’t need to take the mattress off to get it on.

Linen valances

Linen valances are very on trend, and are popular paired with other linen manchester. The MM Linen Laundered Linen Valance Range is an excellent choice if you love the look of linen valances. This product is a flowing valance that has a depth of 33cms. Depending on the depth of your base, this should be enough to cover it or even to hit the floor. The Laundered Linen valance is tailored around the base corners with a little bit of an opening or pleat, and comes in four classic colours. To apply this valance, you need to remove your mattress, as it has a cover that goes over the entire mattress base, however it is very easy to apply to your bed when the mattress is off.

Quilted valances

Quilted valances are another tailored option, this time featuring a quilted pattern for a luxe look. If you like this look, consider the Ardor Boudoir Microfibre Quilted Valance Range. This is the same style as the linen valance, with a depth of 33cm, and requires you to remove your mattress to apply it to your bed. It offers a tailored finish, hugging the base corners and flowing to the floor. This hides your wheels and castors, and any space under the bed base. This range is available in six stylish colourways. 

The right style of valance for you will depend on your own preferences, as well as whether you have a bed frame or an ensemble bed base and mattress. 


How do you fit a valance?

Valances can be a little bit of work to get on at first, however they are not an item that most people take off and launder all the time, so it’s well worth the initial effort. For the linen or quilted style flowing valance, you need to remove the mattress and line up the valance on the base. Once it has been spread and lined up evenly, the mattress can be carefully placed on top followed by mattress protector then matres topper for extra soft if you like. 

How do you fit a fitted bed wrap?

You can apply a fitted bed wrap to your bed without removing the mattress, but it can still be a bit tricky. The process is similar to putting on a fitted sheet. Go to the top of your bed and put the seam where the two sides of the fabric join at the top of your bed so you will never see it. Pull it around one corner at the top and then around the other top corner. Then pull the wrap to one of the base corners and apply.Before moving to the final corner, check to see that the fabric is pulled tight between the other corners. Then head to the final base corner and apply.. The last corner is usually the most difficult, but once you have it on each corner you simply need to slide it down over the base. The bed wrap should be taut, not creased or saggy. This process can be easier if you have somebody to help you, especially if you have a large bed you may want to remove your mattress before attempting to fit it. Again, once your bed wrap is on, it shouldn’t need to be removed for a while!

How to wash your bed valance?

Wash fabric bed valances in the washing machine. Machine washing bed valances are the safest way to clean them because it rids them of any stains or mildew. Wash the bed valance in hot water (about 120 degrees F), but avoid using any bleach or detergents that contain bleach. Be careful not to agitate the valance too much because this might cause the fabric to stretch out of shape.

At Manchester Warehouse we ship bed valances Australia wide for one low price of just $9.95. We stock everything you need to make your bed a sanctuary, from your doona and pillows to sheets, quilt covers and blankets or even mattress topper and protector or waterproof mattress protector from various brands like Linenhouse and many more.