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Laura Ashley Quilt and Doona Covers

How do I choose the best Laura Ashley quilt cover for me?

With such relaxed and elegant designs, it's easy to choose a Laura Ashley quilt cover that complements a light palette bedroom gracefully. Many of their designs feature gentle floral patterns that cascade across a white or muted background, emphasising a tranquil vibe. By blending peaceful nature elements, such as flowers and leafy displays, with complementing colours, Laura Ashley quilt covers bring a touch of natural comfort to any bedroom effortlessly. Preferably choose a colour scheme that goes well with your bedroom decor, but many of the designs in this quilt and doona covers range work well with a light palette.


Upgrade your bedding with our premium Laura Ashley quilt covers, famed for their light, elegant, and refreshingly distinct styles.

Why choose Laura Ashley quilt covers?

Laura Ashley has set the standard for high-quality and stunning bedding choices since 1953, renowned for their diverse range of Laura Ashley quilt covers, bedspreads, and more. Their broad selection of exquisite bedding, including fabrics like soft and cosy cotton, guarantees that you go to bed feeling positively blissful.

What are other Laura Ashley products available at Manchester Warehouse?

Now that you have the bed exterior styled, don't forget to add the finishing touches for comfort and warmth! At Manchester Warehouse, we also offer Laura Ashley sheet sets and coverlets to ensure a complete bed set-up. Many of these other products pair well with the Laura Ashley quilt covers with matching designs, such as the pink Lisalee printed flannelette sheet set or the Celina coverlet set.

Browse our wide range of quilt and doona covers for more options.