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Linen Coverlets

Decorative and elegant, our luxury Linen Coverlets will make any bed look ripe for sleeping while complementing your bedroom decor.

Are linen coverlets good?

Linen coverlets are a great choice for your bedding for many reasons. Not only are they more durable than cotton, but they also have an exquisite texture and can come in many different styles. They are heavier and thicker than cotton, leaving a beautiful drape over your bed once applied. Due to the thickness of linen fibres, manufacturers only need to use little thread to produce such quality and durability.


What are the benefits of linen coverlets?

Aside from their durability, linen coverlets are luxurious and make a wonderful addition to any bed. Over time, linen will soften gradually over time and throughout washing cycles, leaving it with a smooth touch. Linen coverlets are used as a thinner and more lightweight alternative to comforters, for example, and therefore are well-suited to the hotter months. However, coverlets are sometimes also used merely for decoration - and there are many gorgeous coverlets available here at Manchester Warehouse that can complement your decor. 

How to wash linen coverlets?

To wash your linen coverlets, use a cold and gentle machine wash on a normal spin with similar colours. Rinse well, and before the first use, wash it separately. Avoid bleaching, soaking, tumble drying, and dry cleaning. Line dry in the shade, and voila! Your linen coverlets are ready for the next use. Follow this routine for your linen coverlets to maintain their quality and durability, but keep in mind that different brands and styles may direct you with specific care instructions. Check out our full collection of Linen for your bedding.