Linen House Lifestyle Quilt Covers

Is Linen House Australian made?

The Linen House brand was born in Australia in 1993 with the combined creativity and talents of Gordon and Michele Duncan. Along with their exceptional skillset, their talented team and high-quality manufacturing methods enabled Linen House to become an iconic choice for Australians when decorating their home interior. Driven by a love for stunning products that you can be proud to display in your home, this Australian-owned brand never disappoints with its on-trend quilt cover designs, sheet sets and more.

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Linen house lifestyle quilt covers.

Linen House Lifestyle Quilt Covers bring a new meaning to comfort and sophisticated style with a long-standing reputation in Australia and abroad.

What makes Linen House quilt covers different from others?

In business for nearly 30 years, it's little wonder why Linen House is so reputable and successful. The determination behind their designs, including maintaining high-quality products and keeping up with the trends, makes them a great choice when it comes to adding design accents to your home. Linen House quilt covers aim to provide comfort and help you curate your bedroom aesthetic to perfection.

What other Linen House products are available at Manchester Warehouse?

Alongside Linen House quilt covers are many other beautiful product ranges worth adding to your home, such as pillowcases, filled cushions, bedheads, throw rugs, wall hanging decorations, bath mats, bathroom accessories vases, and more. With a broad range of textures, colours and prints, Linen House can easily add style to your home. You can also browse our entire quilt covers collection for other great designs by a range of brands.