Linen House Lifestyle

Why choose Linen House Lifestyle?

Linen House Lifestyle is a sustainable and passionate Australian brand determined to bring its customers premium, on-trend designs with competitive prices. Famed for their ability to make you feel truly "at home" with their focus on comfort and quality above all else, Linen House Lifestyle redefines what luxury and cosy relaxation feel like after a long day at work, spending time with the family, or catering to guests. Since 1993, this brand has always ensured its designs are sustainable and updated with favourite trends while providing its unique approach to classic home comfort.

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Linen house lifestyle collection.

Savvy, high-quality, and Australian-owned, Linen House Australia offers you a broad selection of gorgeous home essentials for the bedroom, living room, dining area, and more.

What are Linen House Lifestyle products available at Manchester Warehouse?

At Manchester Warehouse in the Linen House Lifestyle brand collection, you can discover their iconic cushions, pillowcases, quilt cover sets, sheets, bath mats, bath towels, body pillows, napkins, hand towels, placemats, table runners, and so much more. This whole collection can help with furnishing and accenting your entire home with one fluent and seamless style.

What Linen House Lifestyle design should I buy?

There are countless designs by Linen House Lifestyle in this collection. What you should buy would depend on whether you are planning to redecorate an entire setting or freshen up with a few pieces. The linen house cushions can be easily added or rearranged to your liking, or why not create a whole new cohesive bedroom look with the linen house quilt covers, sheets, and pillowcases? Elevate the dining area and bathroom with some of their other essentials, like bath mats, towels, table runners, and placemats, too.

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