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Non-Slip Bath Mats

Do anti-slip bath mats work?

Anti-slip bath mats are designed with a unique base that provides grip against the slippery bathroom floor. Whether the floor is wet or not, tiles and other common bathroom floorings can be quite dangerous, especially after exiting the shower. Placing a non-slip bath mat to step onto will ensure you don't slip and can therefore help prevent injuries. Manchester Warehouse also offers these non-slip bath mats in a variety of stylish designs to help make it a fashionable accent as well as a practical one.

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What is the best way to clean a non-slip bath mat?

Caring for your anti-slip bath mat properly will give it the best lifespan. Never soak, bleach, or dry clean the mat, and avoid using optical brighteners. Wash it with similar colours on a cold, gentle machine wash with a normal spin. Warm tumble dry or line dry in the shade, ready for the next use. We suggest purchasing several non-slip bath mats so that you always have one to use while another is in the wash.

What is the best material for a non-slip bath mat?

A non-slip bath mat can come in different materials. However, microfibre is very beneficial for its highly absorbent, soft, and comfortable qualities. At the base should be some non-slip material, such as latex rubber, which will stick to the flooring of the bathroom. In addition to the materials, consider which colour and texture would look best for your bathroom decor. You can opt for colourful to add a pop of contrast or keep it simple with beiges, white, or cream.