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Bath mats are versatile: they add some style to your bathroom, keep your feet off the cold tiles while you brush your teeth, and catch the drips when you get out of the shower. They can help keep you from slipping over in the tub or on a slippery floor, and give you somewhere comfy to kneel when you’re giving your kids a bath. At the end of the day, you need your bath mat or toilet mat to be both functional and beautiful. It should elevate the aesthetic of your space and fit your needs.

Shop our range of non-slip bath mats to keep you from slipping and can therefore help prevent injuries.

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Selecting the best bath mat for your bathroom.

There are a huge variety of bath mats to choose from in a range of shapes and sizes, colours and compositions. When choosing the best bath mat or toilet mat for your bathroom, you need to consider your options and how they fit your needs.


Bath mats come in a number of different shapes and sizes that suit different purposes. The most common options include:

  • Standard bath mat - A standard bath mat is typically 50cm x 80cm, and can be used anywhere in your bathroom
  • Bath rug - A bath rug is bigger than a traditional bath mat, typically 60cm x 100cm
  • Bath runner - A bath runner is designed to run the full length of your bathtub. It is typically 50cm x 140cm. These are also commonly used at the base of twin sinks or a long bathroom vanity.
  • Contour bath mat - This is the bath mat that fits around the base of your toilet. It is typically 50cm x 50cm, but is not a full square. It features a cutout for the base of the toilet. The purpose of a contour bath mat is to keep your feet off the cold floor while using the toilet.

The right shape and size for you will depend on the size of your space, where you want the mat to go, what look you prefer, and what exactly you will be using the bath mat for.


The composition or material of a bath mat will depend on its intended purpose. The most common compositions include:


We stock both bamboo cotton and normal cotton bath mats. Either of these two materials generally go with matching bath towel ranges, and are designed to soak up water after a bath or shower. These are your standard bath mats that feel the same as a bath towel. They are not backed by anything (rubber, silicone, etc.), and are just 100% cotton. This is important because it means they are easy to pick up and hang between uses, and will dry quickly. This is a healthy choice, as it means you can avoid issues such as mold, mildew and odour.

Microfibre top pile with a rubber backing

This is a non slip bath mat, designed to be used in the bathroom for style and to keep your feet warm, but not in the shower or for the purposes of soaking up water. This is because the rubber surface underneath can retain water, preventing the mat from fully drying out and causing problems with mold. These non-slip microfibre bath mats come in all the standard shapes and sizes. Our Bambury microplush range comes in a large variety of colours to ensure you can find the perfect one to match your decor.


A rubber bath mat is the mat that goes inside the shower or bath, and often features suction cups underneath. It is designed to be non-slip, preventing any accidents. Rubber bath mats are especially popular for children and the elderly, but can be beneficial for anybody. Some people simply prefer the feel of the rubber material to the floor of their shower or tub.

Some people will have bath mats of all three compositions in their bathroom for different purposes, while other people prefer to keep it simple with just a basic towel bath mat.


Bath mats come in every colour of the rainbow, often in a matching towel set, so you will have no trouble finding something that perfectly suits your bathroom decor. Some of the most popular colour options we stock include:

While neutral white, grey and black bath mats tend to be the most popular choices, many people also choose to use their towels and bath mat as an opportunity to add a bright pop of colour to what is often a fairly neutral space already. The choice is all yours.


What is the difference between a bath mat and a bath rug?

The difference between a bath mat and a bath rug is simply the size. A bath rug typically has an extra 10cm x 20cm on a standard bath mat.

Are bamboo bath mats good?

Bamboo cotton bath mats are a great choice because they are soft, durable, and dry easily between uses. If you’re looking for a bath mat to soak up water or to keep your feet warm while getting ready in the morning, bamboo cotton will serve your needs well.

What is the best kind of bath mat? What is the best material for a bath mat?

The best kind of bath mat and the best material for your bath mat or toilet mat depend entirely on the purpose you require it to serve. Read our guide to bath mat shapes and compositions above to decide which kind of bath mat best suits your needs.

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