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Orange Pillowcases

How do I style orange pillowcases?

Orange pillow cases can be styled in numerous ways, though it will depend on the colour scheme of the setting as well as the particular shade of orange you are using in the pillow case. Once applied to a cushion/pillow, you can style it on a sofa, armchair, bed, or even a daybed - they can add a lovely contrast to an otherwise simple and neutral setting, or you can get creative with bold colours nearby.


Joyful, warm, and enthusiastic, our Orange Pillowcases will bring these positive qualities to any setting with an emphasis on comfort and pleasure.

What colours go well with an orange pillowcase?

Orange typically complements colours like white, black, brown, beige, cream, and yellow and unexpected tones like aqua, grey, navy blue, and green. You can also try layering various shades of orange pillow cases together in one space. Orange is remarkably reminiscent of the sun and warmth, making it a popular choice for summertime and sunny climates or to invite a joyful expression into the home.

What are the most popular shades in orange pillowcases?

Among all of the vast shades of orange pillow cases in our collection, the rust pillow cases and terracotta pillowcases are the most popular. However, we also offer other orange shades such as peony, Earth, paprika, peach, dune, caramel, honey, brandy, apricot, and marigold that each have a distinct orange touch - not to mention a variety of designs and patterns to browse. For more colour and pattern options, take a look at our entire Pillowcases range.