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What is an ottoman used for?

Used for additional comfort and to complete the look of the setting, an ottoman is a delightful furnishing to place in the living room, bedroom, or anywhere that speaks comfort. Ottomans are also commonly known as a "Pouf." You will typically place an ottoman in front of a sofa or chair where you can prop your legs up to rest your feet - however, it can also be used as a standalone seat or as a table function with a tray. Don it with a folded blanket and a food tray for a finishing touch if desired. To complement our ottomans, why not browse our broad Living range for more wonderful furnishing ideas?


Decorate your home with our cosy Ottomans Australia. When you need a little extra comfort to get off your feet and relax, these ottomans are perfect.

What ottoman shape should I get?

When choosing a particular shape of ottoman, consider how you will use it within the space. If it is bedroom ottomans you are looking for, you may want a smaller size and oval or cylindrical shape - not too large nor too small. You can position it in the corner of the room as an extra seat for reading or studying at the table or place it beside a chair for leg comfort.

How do I choose an ottoman colour?

Ottomans come in a wide variety of colours to complement various decor schemes. We have black, lime green, chocolate, beige, grey, and more colours to browse. Our jute designs by Vintage Design Homewares are particularly beautiful with their woven design, perfect for boho-chic spaces with their natural aesthetic. Check out our living collection to complete your room!