Palm Cushions

How do I decorate with palm cushions?

When decorating with palm print cushions, you may want to think about the setting and surroundings. Palm cushions can elevate any room, but it takes the right mix in design. Which room do you plan to set your palm cushions in? What is the theme of the surrounding room? Do they go well with your furniture? Look through a few different favourites before you make your decision.

Try elevating your room even further with more wooden accessories or beach-themed artwork and centrepieces. Palm tree or sandy beach wall art can really bring the theme together around the whole room.

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Palm cushions.

Bring the feel of the breeze right inside of your home with our palm tree cushions! At Manchester Warehouse, we carry a wide range of designs to fulfil your home renovating needs, especially for a lovely beach theme. Browse through our collection of our square palm tree pillows featuring a variety of stylistic prints.

What colours go well with palm tree cushions?

The best way to start decorating with your palm tree cushions is to pick out matching colours for your beachy themed bedroom or living room. Light blues, yellows, and greens can go well with palm prints, and even pink can add a pop. A combination of turquoise, green, and white can make for the most aesthetic beach vibe for your room. Check out this artsy palm tree vase art on the Palmy Ginger Jar Filled Cushion. For a more abstract touch, check out this Jungle Palms Filled Cushion.

You can also check out our wide range cushions option.