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What Paloma Living products are available at Manchester Warehouse?

With their premium, high-quality designs and variety of styles, Paloma Living was a quick addition to Manchester Warehouse's range of bedding/home brands. We stock a large selection of their timeless Paloma cushions and throw rugs to help you with decorating your home for comfort. With so many to choose from, this process is made easy and simple.


Paloma Living is an Australian furnishings brand with three major principles - timelessness, signature linen designs, and the ultimate form of luxury. They have certainly delivered on these promises, taking the home/living world by storm with a reputable name.

Each one of Paloma Living's cushions designs was made to be versatile and effortlessly timeless. Their inspiring styles encourage homeowners to create a statement within their home by distinguishing these elements with their eye-catching details.

Combined with this is their passion for contemporary and luxurious fabrics - most notably, their choice of linen. Linen guarantees a timeless appeal in any setting with its classic style. Not only admired for its texture, but linen also helps produce a vivid colour display of the designs and adds a remarkable level of comfort to the space.

Paloma Living cushions utilise exquisite craftsmanship and talented artisans to adhere to their goals. Hand-crafted designs give a sense of exclusivity to each piece, with a result that can be passed down throughout generations due to the lasting durability and timeless fashion.

Opulence and quality come naturally with Paloma Living - a beautiful sight in any home.

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