Planter Pots & Vases

How to decorate with vases or planter pots?

Our eclectic range of vases and planter pots brings a refreshing aesthetic to the space, whether the living room, bedroom, kitchen, outdoor patio, hallway, and more. Many of these designs can be left without flowers or botanicals simply due to how stylish they are, but either way, they can significantly impact the surroundings with their pleasant expressions. In addition to our planter pots and vases, you can also browse our Living range for more options to decorate your home.

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Planters and vases.

Give an ornamental touch to the setting with or without botanicals using our Planter Pots & Vases Australia, available in various unique designs.

What shape planter pots should I get?

Our planter pots come in many different shapes, including ones that may be unfamiliar to you with their eccentric style. For example, our Elm Planter Pots by Linen House Lifestyle feature small legs and distinct patterns, while the Cora designs have a more traditional appeal. The shape you choose may depend on what you plan on putting inside of them (such as your preferred flowers) or where you'd like to place them based on the space you have available.

How do I choose a vase or planter pot's colour?

Typically our vases and planter pots come in neutral or Earthy tones with a more traditional look that complements a wide variety of decor schemes, making them easy to decorate with. This also helps complement the flowers or green foliage inside of them. However, you may also find certain more bold and exciting colours - the choice is yours!