Polar Fleece Blanket

What is a polar fleece blanket?

A polar fleece blanket is a very thick and warm type of blanket made with polar fleece. This is a popular choice for those living in cold climates or when winter arrives. Polar fleece is also hydrophobic, meaning it can hold less than 1% of its weight in moisture. Therefore, it will still provide insulation despite being wet. Those who may overheat frequently during sleep can benefit from this feature.

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Polar fleece blanket.

Made using premium polar fleece material, Manchester Warehouse's range of Polar Fleece Blankets bring you unbeatable warmth and comfort with their thick, insulating designs.

Is polar fleece warmer than wool?

Polar fleece is significantly warmer than wool due to its thickness. Furthermore, polar fleece is a lighter option compared to wool, is highly resistant to wind, and can be dried out much faster. While both types are excellent for winter, if you want the warmth of wool without the heavy weight or lack of airflow, polar fleece is your best option.

Are polar fleece blankets comfortable?

Fleece blankets are the ultimate form of comfort when it comes to relaxation and sleep. Their lightweight design with plenty of airflow and warmth ensures the best night's rest without the frustration of overheating or feeling weighed down. Manchester Warehouse also stocks a large range of fleece blanket styles/designs with numerous colours and brands. These are premium-made for lasting durability and can be paired with many of our other bedding essentials for a complete set.

At Manchester Warehouse we sell blankets, polar fleece Australia blankets or wool blankets Australia wide, shipping our range of blankets Melbourne to Perth and Hobart to Cairns every day for the low flat rate of $9.95.