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Queen Bedspreads

What is a queen size bedspread?

With a typical size of 265cm x 260cm, queen size bedspreads intend to cover your whole bed for decorative appeal and warmth when you need it. This lightweight yet durable and stylish design is the final layer to your bedding arrangement and can be particularly versatile when it comes to your style. Many unique queen bedspreads are available on Manchester Warehouse, including modern, classic, and trending designs.


Exclusive styles and premium fabrics await you in our Queen Bedspreads collection, perfect for decorating the top of your bed.

What size bedspread do I need for a queen size bed?

When purchasing a bedspread, you should keep the mattress width and thickness in mind. You may prefer full side coverage with a long overhang in addition to full top coverage, so it's important to know the exact dimensions you are buying. Bedspreads are typically designed with larger than usual dimensions compared to other bedding layers, such as sheets and blankets, so you should find a queen bedspread suitable for a queen-sized bed.

Should I buy a queen size bedspread for a single bed?

A queen size bedspread may be too oversized for a single bed, but it's always best to check the brand's dimensions. We suggest bedspreads queen for a queen bed and a single size bedspread for a single bed, with that in mind. This should still give you enough room for draping over the top, including the pillows, as well as the sides of the bed. Browse our full range of bedspreads for your options.