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Everything you need to know about bedspreads.

A bedspread is a cover for your bed that is all one piece and falls to the floor, covering the bed base and feet of your bed. It is the ideal choice for those who want to keep things simple, and not have to worry about a doona, doona cover and valance. Bedspreads are a stylish and cosy, no fuss bedding option.


Bedspreads are available for all bed sizes:

Because of the nature of a bedspread, you’re advised to choose the size of your actual mattress rather than sizing up as is often recommended for a quilt or coverlet, you need king quilt covers for queen bed. Since a bedspread is intended to touch the floor, it is likely to be too big if you choose a larger size.


There are two styles of fit when it comes to bedspreads.

Tailored or fitted bedspread - These bedspreads curve tight around the bottom side of the mattress rather than just flare out onto the floor. They generally have the traditional bedspread foldback that goes over the pillows and covers them. Bianca is our most popular brand for this style, although they also offer loose fitting bedspreads. This showcases a very traditional look.

Loose bedspread - A loose bedspread style simply sits over the bed like a doona would, but has enough length to fall to the floor. It does not hug tight to the mattress.

The choice between tailored and loose bedspreads is entirely up to your own taste and preference.



There are bedspreads for sale in a range of different compositions or materials. Some of the most common include:

If the bedspread contains filling, the filling is generally polyester, cotton or a cotton/polyester blend.

Different materials have different properties. Polyester and velvet tend to be warmer options, and cotton and linen are better if you prefer to stick with natural fibres, but at the end of the day the choice depends on your unique preferences.

Colours and Designs

Our bedspreads are available in a full range of colours, including:

There are also a number of different styles and designs, including:

Bedspreads don’t typically come in designs for kids, although there’s no rule against using a standard design for a child! For manchester with kids motifs on them, consider quilt cover sets instead.


We stock a range of leading brands, including:



What is a bedspread? How is it different from a coverlet?

The main difference between bedspreads and coverlets or comforter is the length. A bedspread tends to hit the floor and cover the entire mattress, bed base and feet of your bed, while a standard coverlet only covers the mattress. A bedspread is a one stop shop, instead of requiring a doona with a doona cover and valance. It typically has the filling and cover all stitched together in one piece, and may have a section that folds down over your pillows to decorate them as well (although it is recommended that you still use pillowcases to protect the pillows).

Bedspreads come in either a loose throw-over style or a more tailored style that stays tight around the bottom half of the mattress.

Are bedspreads quilted?

Generally bedspreads are quilted with some sort of a wadding, although there are some that are not. When buying online, the product description will tell you whether or not it has filling. Filling not only adds texture, style, and luxurious comfort, but warmth, which is much-needed if you are relying on it as your main bedding. Bedspreads can also be layered with blankets for extra warmth.

Are bedspreads out of style?

Bedspreads are not out of style at all! There are various styles of bedspreads for different tastes, with something for everyone. Some buyers are indeed looking for a very classic, traditional bedspread, which we cater to. Others are looking for something more contemporary and stylish, and are drawn to bedspreads for simplicity and ease rather than for the traditional look. We offer a range to suit this buyer as well.

If you’re seeking a more traditional bedspread, check out the brand Bianca. If a fresh look is more of interest to you, consider our MM Linen range.

Should a bedspread touch the floor?

Yes, a bedspread should definitely touch the floor! Whether you have a throw over style bedspread or a tailored one, it should hide the base of the bed. You shouldn’t need to size up your bedspread in order for it to touch the floor. If you have an unusually tall bed, check the listed dimensions before making your choice.

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