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When the nights are cool, our Comforter Sets Queen Size certainly make all the difference for a good night's sleep.

What size is a queen comforter?

When it comes to comforters, the sizing can vary. While you can find direct sizes for your queen bed, typically, the sizes will range from "queen to king" size. In this case, the size ranges anywhere from 220cm to 260cm, with some being squared in size, such as 250 x 250cm. This allows you to utilise the queen comforters on king beds as well as queen beds. For more sizing options, consider browsing our full Comforters range.

Can you put a queen comforter on a single bed?

If you decide to put a queen comforter on a single bed, keep in mind that the larger size of the queen comforter will cause it to hang over the sides of the single bed significantly. As such, we recommend purchasing a single size or double bed size comforter for your single bed and a queen size or king size comforter for your queen bed. A comforter's purpose is to provide warmth and comfort to you while you sleep, and it is placed over your sheets and other blankets. If it is too short on the sides, you may feel the cold seep in during the night. Similarly, if it is too long, there may not be enough airflow, and the edges will drag on the floor. As a rule of thumb, you can purchase a comforter one size larger than your current mattress if you want more overhang on the sides, but keep your actual mattress size in mind, as some may vary slightly. Many of our queen comforter set sizes come in a "queen to king" size range for flexibility.