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Queen Coverlets

What is the size of a queen coverlet?

Our range of queen coverlets are approximately 230cm x 230cm, but we like to remind our customers that this size can vary slightly across different brands or styles. As a coverlet is meant to be both decorative or functional, sometimes you may find yourself using a different size compared to your mattress size.


Fit for a queen with their premium designs, our Queen Coverlets will have any bedroom feeling like a luxurious, restful space to sleep in.

Should I buy a queen coverlet for a single bed?

Depending on how you intend to use a coverlet, you may prefer using a larger size for your mattress size. A queen size coverlet for a single bed will have a considerable amount of extra fabric to use, as well as the overhang. This can be folded at the foot of the bed or layered into the bed itself with your other layers, such as the sheets and blankets. Some also enjoy having a coverlet nearby for a quick, warm solution when cold.

What style queen coverlet should I get?

Everyone's style and bedroom decor may differ, so you may want to stick to a particular colour palette or style of queen coverlet according to your personal taste and the other accents in the bedroom. You may want to keep things decorative and use them to contrast your other accents or match them with your pillowcases, for example. There are many colours, styles, brands, and fabrics to browse at Manchester Warehouse, including queen bed coverlet set designs. Browse our full range of coverlets for more options.